level design ~ resume
Tech: Creation Kit

Job Description: Co-developed Fallout 76 with Bethesda Maryland Studio. My main work involved adding human npc's to existing locations in Appalachia. Then altering those locations from an abandoned state to a populated area.  

For the Steel Dawn Patch I updated 2 of my original maps for 76 and added Villager npc's to the Treehouse Village and renaming it The Retreat.  I also added Blood Eagle Raiders to Hawk's Refuge and renamed it Dagger's Den. 

For Steel Reign I created a new area called The Metal Dome for the Event Test Your Metal.  The location is an arena where players fight Raiderized Robots.  I also took the map West Tek FEV Laboratory from a blockout state to shippable. This map was originally blocked out by Level Designer David Dobert.     































Radical's Hideout - West Virginia Lumber Co.
Emmett Mountain Disposal Site
Blood Eagle Outposts 
Cultist Locations 
Steel Dawn Patch
Dagger's Den - Hawk's Refuge
The Retreat - Treehouse Village
Steel Reign Patch
Metal Dome - Under Construction State
FEV Laboratory - West Tek