level design ~ resume
  • Concept and Design Documentation
  • Level and Gameflow Planning
  • Asset and Development Planning
  • Blockout and Texturing in 3D editor
  • Gameplay / Trigger Systems
  • Scripting
  • Portaling
  • Lighting
  • Optimization
  • Bug Fixing


  • Level Editors - Volition Tech, CoD Radiant, Bungie Tech, 343 Tech, Ready at Dawn Tech, Crytek, id Studio, and Creation Kit
  • Graphical – 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Scripting – Proficient with menu-based scripting methodology
  • Data Management – Perforce, Source Depot and Visual Source Safe


Bethesda Studios, Austin   May 2018 - Present
  • Fallout 76
    • Co developed Fallout 76 with Bethesda Maryland Studio. Created 19 locations and 4 POI's that supported 17 Quests. Responsible for creating level design documentation, build-out of map and scripting combat scenarios. Worked with Environment Artist throughout art process and finished out the project play-testing all locations, providing feedback and fixing bugs.
BattleCry Studios   July 2014 - May 2018
  • Doom DLC 1, 2 & 3
    • Worked closely with id Studios and created multiplayer maps for Downloadable Content. Responsible for creating level design document, 2D layout, blockout of map in id Studio Editor. Placed all gameplay assets. Playtested daily and iterated map for best possible results on all multiplayer gameplay modes. Worked with id Artist throughout art process and finished out the project fixing bugs.
  • Battlecry
    • Created "Ironclad" a 16 vs 16 multiplayer map for the game BattleCry. Responsible for creating level design document, 2D layout, blockout of map in Crytek Editor. Placed all gameplay assets. Playtested daily and iterated map for best possible results on all multiplayer gameplay modes. This project was hauled in October 2015.
Ready at Dawn   October 2012 - July 2014
  • The Order: 1886 - Lead Level Designer

    • Lead responsibilities.  Manage 4 Level Designers.  Helped create and facilitate a better work flow.  Co-created and documented Level Design Process with Lead Environment Artist and Lead Scripter.  Authored several documents and spreadsheets used for templates and macros.  Review levels and provide feedback on a daily basis.  Schedule and conduct monthly one on one meetings with LD's.  Coordinate daily with other departments to ensure content is being pushed through the pipeline and it's status is visible to the team.  Work closely with several Producers in scheduling meeting, reviews and updating the roadmap.  Scheduled Sprint tasks for the build out of the game.  Planned, set up, ran and compiled feedback data for all focus test sessions.  Maintain information on the Project Wiki.
    • Level Design responsibilities.  Created first 2 levels, the end of the 4th level and bits and pieces of the end of the game.  Owned all levels that were purely cinematic driven, no gameplay.  Created the following documents for those areas: Timeline, Walk-through, VO Breakdown, Cinematic List, and Checkpoint List.
Certain Affinity   May 2009 - May 2012
  • Halo 4

    • I worked as the Level Design Coordinator over all Forge World content and created the map "Impact". Led 2 LD's in creating original layouts.  Worked with a Producer, Programmer and Art Coordinator to create new Forge World features.  Led all playtest sessions and worked with QA Lead in testing all new assets added to the Forge Library. Created modular assets unique to the map "Impact" for player map creation tool.
  • Halo: Combat Evolved – 10th Anniversary

    • Created Fire Fight co-op map "Installation 04" and multiplayer map remake "Battle Canyon".  Responsible for importing the original Battle Creek map into the Reach engine.  Set up all gameplay modes.  Used 3DS Max for iterating geo, texturing, lighting and portaling.  For Fire Fight map Installation 04 I was responsible for importing original single player space into the Reach engine and customizing it to fit FireFight gameplay.  Scripted map using LISP methodology.  Finished out project as only designer on the team from final stages to gold. Responsible for all 6 MP maps plus 6 remake variants for the last 3 milestone of the project.  Responsible for resolving a bulk of the overall design bugs.  Led 4 testers in managing 6 classic variants.
  • Halo Reach – DLC 2 - Defiant Map Pack

    • Created multiplayer map "Highlands" for "Defiant Map Pack DLC 2".  Responsible for creating level design document and 2D layout. Used 3DS Max for blocking out map, texturing, lighting and portaling. Set up all multiplayer gameplay modes.  Playtested and iterated map for best possible results for all multiplayer gameplay modes.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops - Release and DLC 1 First Strike Map Pack

    • Created multiplayer maps “Crisis" for release, and "Discovery" for DLC1.  Responsible for creating level design documentation, block out of map in CoD/Radiant, designer lighting pass, portaling and placement of all gameplay assets. 
  • Call of Duty: World at War DLC 3

    • Worked with designer on “Revolution” multiplayer map.  Created all skybox scenes.  Created themes for 5 interiors.  Detailed interior and exterior spaces.   Placed props for cover and flow.
Volition, THQ   May 2006 - May 2009
  • Red Faction: Armageddon

    • Worked during preproduction phase on project for 3 months.  Created several prototype maps.  Wrote tutorial document on how to use the CLOE World Editor and trained 4 Level Designers on how to use the tool.
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla

    • Designed and built 15 single player zones, including the XBL downloadable demo and tutorial map. (RFG consist of 40 zones, 22 missions and 93 activities.)
    • Created areas for:
      • 7 Missions
      • 41 Activities
      • 4 High Priority Targets (Diversions)
    • Created 6 of the 8 safehouse areas.  Placement of 300 crystal ore for mining diversion. (salvage collection and XBL achievement).  Scripting using Volition's proprietary software. Polish work and bug cleaning on 12 more maps in unfinished state during end of production and post production period. 
Gearbox   November2004
  • Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30

    • Guildhall Intern contracted to convert English to Italian lip-syncing for entire game using 'Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine 4.0' for Brothers in Arms.  Playtested first three levels of game and provided detailed feedback to Team Developers at the request of the Studio Lead Randy Pitchford.


The Guildhall at SMU in Plano, Texas. Cohort 3
June 2004 - December 2005

Graduate Certificate in Digital Game Development with a specialization in Level Design.