level design ~ resume
Tech: Maya and RaD Tech

Job Description:

  • Lead responsibilities.  Manage 4 Level Designers.  Helped create and facilitate a better work flow.  Created and documented Level Design Process.  Authored several documents and spreadsheets used for templates and macros.  Reviewed levels and provided feedback on a daily basis.  Scheduled and conducted monthly one on one meetings with LD's.  Coordinated daily with several departments to ensure content was being pushed through the pipeline and it's status was visible to the entire team.  Worked closely with several Producers in scheduling meeting, reviews and updating the roadmap.  Scheduled Sprint tasks for the build out of the game.  Planned, set up, ran and compiled feedback data for all Sony focus test sessions.  Maintained Level Design information on the Project Wiki.
  • Level Design responsibilities.  Designed layouts for the following chapters, Prologue: Once a Knight, Chapter 1: Always a Knight and the Hospital area in Chapter 3: Inequalities and bits and pieces of the end of the game.  Owned all levels that were purely cinematic driven, no gameplay.  Created the following documents for those areas: Timeline, Walkthru, VO Breakdown, Cinematic List, and Checkpoint List.














Prologue: Once a Knight
Chapter 1: Always a Knight
Chapter 3: Inequalities