level design ~ resume
Tech: id Studio
  Cataclysm - Unto the Evil DLC 1 Map Pack
  Argent Breach - Hell Followed DLC 2 Map Pack
  Boneyard - Bloodfall DLC 3 Map Pack
  Outbreak - Bloodfall DLC 3 Map Pack

Job Description: Worked closely with id Studios and created multiplayer maps for Downloadable Content. Responsible for creating level design document, 2D layout, blockout of map in id Studio Editor. Placed all gameplay assets. Playtested daily and iterated map for best possible results on all multiplayer modes. Worked with id Artist throughout art process and finished out the project fixing bugs.

Level Designer Josh Tyrell created and blocked out Argent Breach and Outbreak. I iterated them slightly to nail down flow, finalized all gameplay asset locations and implemented all gameplay modes to get them over the finish line.

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  Doom DLC 1 Unto the Evil Trailer
  Doom DLC 2 Hell Followed Trailer
  Doom DLC 3 Bloodfall Trailer




























Argent Breach