level design ~ resume

Job Description: This page covers 2 patches, Test Your Metal and Expeditions: The Pitt.

Test Your Metal - I created the Metal Dome location and co-designed the Event Test Your Metal. The Metal Dome location was released with Wastelanders, but the Event wasn't finished, so I made the location look like it was under construction. This is the final version of the space.

Expeditions: The Pitt - I created both Mission 1 maps for Union Dues, Industrial and Foundry. Worked closely with both Lead Game Designer and Quest Designer on the build out of Expedition missions and quests. Scripted all ambient combat, created lore and directed Environment Artists during the Art pass.

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  Test Your Metal Official Trailer
  Fallout 76 Expeditions The Pitt Official Trailer




Test Your Metal
Metal Dome - Final State
Expeditions: The Pitt